One of the BEST things about being balloon artists is the chance to participate in a global balloon community...

Having a balloon family of sorts makes life in the balloon industry even more fun than it already is, and it also lets us create some incredible projects.

Just last week, The Balloon Collective joined a group of elite balloon artists from more than 7 countries and at least 3 continent in Noosa, Australia to celebrate Mr. Jay and Miss Donna's wedding by building a fantastical Enchanted Balloon Garden with more than 100 volunteers and 113,500 balloons.

Jason and Donna met at a local farmer and craftsman market, where Miss Donna entertains children with balloon twisting every week. The now-Mr.-Donna was so smitten with her joy and enthusiasm while she worked that he asked her out. Fast forward through him becoming a balloon artist, traveling the world doing balloons with her, and them getting matching balloon tattoos, and WOWZA, they were inviting all their friends and family to help them build the largest balloon install Australia had ever seen.

Nate is a master at large installs, so he instructed several teams throughout the build process, while Stacy worked on all parts of the build, including doing the purple tree trunk weaving, assisting with the bridal party balloon dresses and teaching non-balloon experts how to handle balloons so they could contribute to the build.

Check out the gallery above for some of the images of the Enchanted Balloon Garden, which was open to the public for 3 days after the wedding. Once the viewing period was complete, the balloons were popped and donated to the Pro-Balloon Environmental Alliance, which is testing eco-friendly ways of composting balloons, which are a biodegradable product of the rubber tree.

To see video of the balloon build and to get a better sense of its scale, check out the following news coverage by local Australian stations, and try to see if you can spot Stacy or Nate in the videos! 

Australia Channel 7 coverage of the #ozballoonwedding

Footage of children discovering the Enchanted Balloon Forest